Shipping Policy

How do we Deliver?

We process all deliveries through:

  • Our in house delivery team
  • Reputed couriers

How much are the delivery charges?

Our delivery charges vary upon separate shipping class such as Light Product, Medium Product & Heavy Product. Again delivery charge depends on region like inside Dhaka and outside Dhaka. Tariff chart is given below:

Inside Dhaka
Light Product- 60Tk.
Medium Product- 100Tk.*[No. of Qty]
Heavy Product- 150Tk.*[No. of Qty]

Outside Dhaka
Light Product- 120Tk.
Medium Product- 200Tk.*[No. of Qty]
Heavy Product- 400Tk.*[No. of Qty]

What is the estimated delivery time?

The estimated time of delivery for Order inside Dhaka city up to 4 Working days & for outside Dhaka up to 7 working days.


  • Any order placed after 6 pm will be considered as order of next business day, not as same day.
  • Business Day: Saturday to Thursday except public holidays.
  • Delivery might be delayed due the unavailability of the product or delay from the 3rd Party Delivery Service.

Does Fotocart deliver internationally?

Fotocart doesn’t deliver items internationally. You are more than welcome to make your purchases on our site from anywhere in the world, but you’ll have to ensure the Delivery Address is within Bangladesh.


Customers are requested to check the product in front of the delivery person after payment for any discrepancy while receiving the product.

Due to the effect of COVID-19 all our delivery operation is shut down. Yet you are most welcome to buy from our website. We hope to start our delivery schedule by 7 May 2020.